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    Okay, I have had a Samsung Galaxy S4 for over 3 years now, having just upgraded to the S7 Edge last night. I thought the Samsung Mobile Smart Switch would transfer over everything...while I was able to transfer over my pictures, videos, music files and contacts....it didn't really transfer over the App Data.

    I mean yeah, it transferred the Apps themselves, but not the App data. For example, when I transferred over my Notepad, all of the documents I had previously typed down were nowhere to be found.

    When I transferred over Firefox, it didn't transfer over any of my Bookmarks, passwords, and such. My chat logs are especially no where to be found

    It just goes on and on. Is there a reliable way to transfer over the App data from my S4 to the S7. For information purposes, the phone is not rooted.

    Also, please don't suggest Samsung Mobile Smart Switch....if it really could transfer over App Data, then I wouldn't be on this forum asking this question. There is a lot of app data from my old phone I want to preserve
    06-04-2016 07:01 PM

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