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    I have a Alcatel evolve 2 it has been slow,freezing up,not letting me type, not letting me answer the phone,not pulling up the number pad when on a call, not letting me into my texts. I have run the clean master and another cleaner deleted a bunch of texts,starred deleting emails, and it also sent me a message that I could lose my photos and I dont really have that many and have no idea about backing up pictures or any thing else for that matter. Please help
    06-07-2016 05:18 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    1. Uninstall Clean Master - and anything else written by Cheetah. Clean Master is a prime example of an app NOT meant to run on Android.

    2. For backing up, see Backing up an Android Device.

    3. To delete gmails faster, go to GMail. (Use a browser on a full size screen or you'll go blind.)
    06-10-2016 05:05 PM

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