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    I just set up my new phone (S7) and it came with the Facebook app pre installed. When I went to open it is was prompted to update before I could login. So I updated to newest version and logged in. Everything seemed OK until I have tried to access a couple of entertainment pages (for local bars) and all that is loading up it the very top of the page ie name, profile pic and cover pic but nothing below and it doesn't show that anything is still loading. I've tried restarting phone, force stop, resetting the app to factory version and then updating (wont allow me to open it without updating first) but to no avail. Attempting to reach out to Facebook help centre was utterly useless just the usual automated 'thanks for your feedback' response. Wondering if anyone has experienced this issue and how to resolve it? Thanks very much.
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    06-13-2016 04:37 AM

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