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    Hi guys i have a note 4 i just got an update to 6.0.1. And every since i got that update i am not getting any whatsapps notifications in my status bar at all,,, eg for example if i am in another application an i recived a whatssapp message. It would say message from tom or message from mary thats what used to happen before the to marshmellow update ... Now i want to know is this a new feature from whatsapp, or marshmellow is this a bug in the system,, a softwere issue ,, can someone please tell me,, i have'nt found any informaton anywhere online about this issue, i have all the check boxs an all of tht already ,, and its olny the whatspp , tht seems to haveing this issue'''''' has anyone else have this problem ,, and is theres a way i can resolved this,, need some anwsers please can someone tell whats going everything is running fine on the phone it's fery annoying the phone is 6 monthes old any advice or ways to resolved this issue? I also did a factory reset that didnt help at all
    thnks (robert) th

    06-21-2016 11:28 PM

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