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    Good day All,

    Appreciate for advice and solution on the followings. I been looking up and down for the solution but still no luck. I have using Android Studio, native approach.

    **Here is my app features:**

    I have activities A and B.

    1. Activity A as a List and

    2. Activity B as a table which consist of Text and EditText, 2 columns. The editTexts are generated dynamically (in Java code) upon the creation of table. This table is populating my multiple rows of data at column1 after my API call and editText will be populated on column2.

    The flow is after clicking an item in List of Activity A,

    Activity B will be started by creation of intent.

    **Here my problem:**

    When the Activity B's table is landed, to be noticed the very 1st input will reloop/recreated the table again. Then subsequent input on the editText are on the newly recreated table.

    When I try to return to Activity A, I need press the phone back button twice.

    First press will show me the same table.

    Second press will only lead me back to Activity A.

    Again, appreciate for yours advice how can I handle this. Avoid the first input in edit reload/recreate/reinitialize the table again..

    Thank you very much.
    06-22-2016 03:48 AM

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