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    After the latest update to my Sony Xperia I now find that when I'm playing the Heart radio app I either have some pop star image or a full screen picture of the DJ on my lock screen! where did my cat go!! :-)

    How do I stop this WITHOUT stopping the app from running or doing a lengthy swiping and shutting down of various notifications (when it goes but then comes back).

    I have all notifications in the app switched to OFF and all notifications in the phone's app notifications setting to off ( but it still shows in notifications bar and lockscreen).

    When turning ALL lockscreen notifications to OFF I don't get the widget but still get the full screen image of DJ or pop star argh! V annoying - I don't want to look at them everytime I look at the lock screen ( to check the time or for notifications etc).

    06-25-2016 11:31 AM

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