1. AC Question's Avatar
    No wifi connection
    06-27-2016 08:24 AM
  2. the tall guy's Avatar
    Yeah it probably means you aren't connected to the WiFi. Try rebooting the device and the WiFi router and see if that helps.
    06-29-2016 05:19 AM
  3. tony bag o donuts's Avatar
    I get that on my turbo as well as the ! next to 4g. It just means it's switching from wifi to 4g and at least on my turbo it takes a block away from my house to disconnect it. Now I just use an NFC tag that turns it off when I leave so it picks up the 4g signal quicker.
    06-29-2016 06:15 AM
  4. chanchan05's Avatar
    Depends. In my case, it's because I'm not logged in. My work place has an open wifi hotspot that has a local web logon screen. You won't get internet connection despite being connected to the wifi unless you open the intranet website and login. That removes the exclamation point on the wifi icon in my case.

    Basically, it means that there's still an action you need to do before you are fully connected.
    06-29-2016 07:29 AM

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