1. fabian bonifacio's Avatar
    I tried activating my project Fi card earlier but I get this message when I try logging in with my main Google account. Any ideas?

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    07-03-2016 09:21 PM
  2. BattleSwine's Avatar

    I would recommend contacting Project Fi support link with options is in the upper right corner. They are way better than talking to VZW tier 1.
    07-03-2016 10:03 PM
  3. fabian bonifacio's Avatar
    I should've mentioned I spoke with one of them earlier and they were just as confused as I was

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    07-03-2016 10:05 PM
  4. BattleSwine's Avatar
    ok, back to basics.... do you have Hangouts, Messenger, Google Connectivity, and Project Fi apps installed? For the time being I recommend setting Hangouts to be default SMS app. It has some hidden (beyond answering initial pop up question) Project Fi settings. Once it's up and running you can change it if you desire. I would power down and eject SIM card to make sure it's seated properly. After powering up try again from Project Fi app.
    07-03-2016 10:19 PM
  5. fabian bonifacio's Avatar
    Doesn't seem to have any effect, it Google Fi for some weird reason doesn't recognize my email address

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    07-03-2016 10:27 PM
  6. fabian bonifacio's Avatar
    Wait I'm in! Idk how but it worked lol, but! Now it's saying something went wrong when I try to number transfer 😒

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    07-03-2016 10:32 PM
  7. BattleSwine's Avatar
    is it an Google Apps account
    07-03-2016 10:32 PM
  8. fabian bonifacio's Avatar
    What do you mean? My number?

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    07-03-2016 10:39 PM
  9. BattleSwine's Avatar
    Your email account?
    07-03-2016 10:48 PM
  10. fabian bonifacio's Avatar
    The email account worked now I'm just getting a message saying "something went wrong" when I try switching my number

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    07-03-2016 10:52 PM
  11. BattleSwine's Avatar
    If you are transferring a number from another carrier verify account number, security PIN, address, payment method are all correct.... could just be a typo... the previous phone/SIM powered off/removed?
    07-03-2016 10:58 PM

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