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    I have an LG Optimus L70. The other day I kept receiving the dialog box "Unfortunately, LG Keyboard has stopped." It continually popped up and I could not fix the issue. I tried using other apps on my phone, but they would all crash. The LG Keyboard box remained constant. I tried clearing cache/data, which did not work. I could not force stop the keyboard; it would give me the warning before I hit OK, but it would not actually stop the app.

    I did a hard reset, but "LG Keyboard has stopped" popped up immediately when the phone booted back up. I just tried another reset a few minutes ago and the same thing happened. I can't access the keyboard settings from the General tab; it boots me out every single time I try. I have no other keyboard apps besides LG Keyboard. I tried downloading and switching to a different type of keyboard, but it just gave me the same problems so I'm back to square one.

    Before I pack it in and ship this off to LG for repair, are there any other fixes I could perform to solve the issue? My carrier is Cricket, and the last time I had phone troubles they basically couldn't help me at all. I need my phone for job opportunities/interviews so I'm rather loath to part with it at the moment. I can still make/receive calls, I just can't type or text.

    Any and all help is deeply, greatly appreciated. Thanks.
    07-07-2016 05:26 AM

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