Question Stylus behaviour changed


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May 2, 2024
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I am using a OnePlus pad with the OnePlus stylus called Stylo. Recently, the behaviour of the Stylo has changed - I think it happened after an OS upgrade. The pad is now running Android 14 with 5 March security update and OxygenOS 14.

Before the problem started, I could click into the text of a Word document with either a finger or the Stylo and the keyboard would come up, as shown in the first image.

Since the problem started, clicking into the text with a finger still brings up the keyboard, but clicking with the Stylo brings up the little floating bar shown in the second image. If I click on the "GB" icon in that bar, an options list appears with "Show on-screen keyboard" as an option, and if I click that, the floating keyboard shown in the second image appears.

This is annoying, when I click in the text with the Stylo I just want the keyboard to appear, like it does if I click with a finger. To investigate this I did some tests. First I uninstalled and reinstalled the Word app. The behaviour remained the same as I described.

I then tried some other apps. In Google Docs and Keep Notes, tapping with the Stylo brings up the little floating bar whereas tapping with a finger brings up the keyboard. But in Gmail, Stylo works the same as a finger, tapping with Stylo or with a finger brings up the keyboard. This is how I want it to work and how it used to work.

This is so frustrating. Stylo used to work the same as a finger in Word and other apps, I am fairly sure it only changed recently after an OS update. Can I rollback the OS update to check this? I don't understand why this little floating bar has been introduced into Android. It seems to be just a nuisance.

Thanks for any help!