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    i got a tiny portable amp recently (Fiio A1) to play my headphones a bit louder on my phone (Ulefone Paris, Android 5). I

    If it gets too loud, at any time during a song, the music player will stop automatically, and I will have to go lower and hit play again to resume.

    I have tried many music playing apps, same thing, in the engineering headset settings (which I used to set to max 160 before I got the amp to make it a bit louder), it seems the exact maximum value I can set headphone with amp and have it not stop is 108, even 109 and it will stop, maybe this was the default number?

    It seems to be an android related problem and not amp because the amp gets very loud on an old ipod I tried, no stopping.

    Anything I can try before i return it for another amp? I think another amp might have the same problem unfortunately because it's something with android.
    07-15-2016 09:13 PM

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