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    I don't use my phone for much other than as a phone (duh) and to make a grocery list. Sometimes I use the timer and a calendar reminds me of appointments. Wifi and Bluetooth are always off except for occasional check for updates most of which just ruin my set up and make me adjust to the whims...

    I have been using QuickOffice for simple quick notes to self. I keep getting reminders to "update" to Google Docs but I have reservations.

    If I allow the update and don't like it, will I still be able to go back to QuickOffice?
    Will GoogleDocs be available if I don't have Wifi or Bluetooth enabled?

    I am beginning to see annoyances with QuickOffice hence my interest in testing GoogleDocs. For one, I cannot back delete. SOmehow when I want to use it, the character is deleted but the rest of the word is copied to the right side of the cursor! How bizarre is that?

    Also, I am not able to delete a file once created. A minor issue but one just the same.

    Thoughts? Opinions?

    Moto G,
    Andriod 5.1,
    07-27-2016 01:31 AM

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