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    I purchased this Huawie Honor 3c 3 days ago with an 4.2.2 jellyBean Running. I searched the internet for its KitKat 4.2.2 upgrade and there i found official upgrade for the cell phone from Huawei official website but the update was for China Telecom sets( individuals of China) only. i just downloaded it and applied it on my Honor 3c without backing up any previous data (added the update.app file in the dLoad folder of the SD card and restarted the phone in recovery mode). everything was going normal while updating and then something like "cust failed". and update couldn't complete. i rebooted the phone and screen appeared saying EMUI 3.0 and some Chinese alphabets. the touch system didn't work from that stage and i was stuck there. I removed the sdcard and tride to reset(wipe factory data) so that i can comeback to jellyBean again but same screen appeared after resetting even and i am stuck. I went to some technicians and they told me that there's a 50% chance the cell can be reverted and 50% is that its IMEI will be dead and blah blah! I dont know what to do now but i just want it back. kindly keep in that "warranty is voided on self Upgrade" so i can't even go to the Huawei franchise! I am stuck kindly someone help me because all i know it is just a software issue and everybody saying that hardware is corrupted. Help!
    08-01-2016 02:27 PM

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