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    I am having no luck with getting said phone up and running.

    The story: we got the phone from a relative so that my son could use the Pokemon Go app. He has been playing on my wife's iPhone 6+ but we wanted to get him his own phone for that.

    When I got the phone it was working and had Android 4.4.3 installed. I had to wipe/factory reset the device so i googled how to do that and managed it without problem.

    Once the device was wiped it started installing without problem. It automatically started updated the OS to 4.4.4 without asking and I let it finish. After that it reset itself and the crashing started.

    As soon as it booted I got errors:
    Unfortunately, Maps has stopped. OK
    Unfortunately, Google Plays services has stopped. OK
    Unfortunately, Google Account Manager has stopped. OK
    etc. etc.

    The device managed to get through the initial setup but the problems persisted. I updated the apps through the Play store and set about installing the Pokemon Go which was not supported on the device. I downloaded Pokémon GO 0.31.0 (2016072902) from Apkmirror and it worked. The system still crashed here and there but was working.

    Then I noticed that the game has tied itself to the account of the android phone, the google account. I used my son's google account to log him into the phone, so that he could use his e-mail, etc. but his progress was on my wife's account so I decided to erase his account from android and ad hers. So I went to do that and had no problems, but when trying to add his Google account the Google Account Manager has stopped.

    I then decided to wipe the device again and start over.

    Now I am stuck. As soon as the device boots it throws out a bunch of errors, it offers me the option tho select the language, which I do, we connect to my WiFi network and we go and try to set the date and time. When I click next I get the "Unfortunately, Google Account Manager has stopped." message and the phone will not proceed. I am stuck.

    What I have tried:
    - wiping the device several times, while the phone is fully charged
    - connecting via Kies app on 2 macbooks and 1 Windows 7 machine. None recognize the phone at all. I tried several USB ports, both front and back, both sides (on macbooks) without result. I have tried updating drivers, troubleshooting and nothing works.
    - connecting via Odin. I even found I9305XXUFNL1_DBTFNL1_4.4.4_Full_Firmware file which I hope is compatible and loaded it up into Odin but as my device is not connected and I cannot for the life of me get it to connect to any windows machine, it is useless.
    - tried several guides to restore the machine but most assume that I can get into the android system. I am unable to. The phone is stuck at the third step of setup and I am unable to do anything in the system.

    What I'd like to do is load up a system on an sd card and just load it from there but I am unable to find an easy way to do that. I am not an 'android guy' we have been using Apple machines at our house for a while now. I do have an android phone for work but I use it just for voice and messaging and have never bothered to go poking around its innards so I am unfamiliar with the detailed workings of the OS.

    All I want is to get the phone to a state, where it will work with sufficient stability that I can run one game so that my son can enjoy some time in the sun and my wife can get some work done.

    So here is what I'd like to do:
    - I wish for somebody to give me instructions on updating the phone via the SD card as the ******* is unwilling to talk to any of my machines. I want to download an OS image, get it on the card, boot it up and be done with it. I do not care which version it is, tho 4.4.4 is preferable for Pokemon GO. I just want it to work.

    Is there a way for me to do this?
    08-05-2016 04:40 AM

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