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    I know there is an option to view the USB connection and change from MTP to PTP to battery charging somewhere but its not in any intuitive location. Storage? No. About Phone? No. Almost everywhere I've looked, the USB Connection option is nowhere to be found.

    Of course, this happened after I switched from MTP to charging battery so the notification for usb connection disappeared.

    Here are the options in the General Tab:
    Language and Input: No
    Location: No
    Accounts and Sync: No
    Accessibility: No
    One Handed Operation: No
    QuickButton: No
    Shortcut Key: No
    Menu Key: No
    Security: No
    Guest Mode: No
    Gestures: No
    Date and Time:No
    Storage: No (No upper right button as so many of you claim)
    Battery: No
    Apps: No
    Default Message Apps
    Backup and Reset: No
    Developer Options: No
    Printing: No
    About Phone: No -> Phone Name, Update Center, Network, Status, Battery, Hardware Info, Software Info, Legal Info, Patent Information

    By the way, apparently, the only way I could access it is through USB tethering which is NOT the way to access the USB Connection mode. It only briefly shows the screen and then switches to the USB Tethering screen which does not feature any USB Connection modes like MTP, PTP or Charging only.

    After I managed to change from Charging to MTP, the Status Screen (the scrolldown) for the USB Connection reappeared and allowed me to edit the connection mode. So I tried it and it had a back button on the left top corner. I pressed it in hopes of finding which category/tab it was hiding in and to my surprise, it bought me to my home screen! There is NOTHING to do with USB connection modes on my home screen.

    SO WHERE IS IT!!?!?!?!?????
    08-07-2016 09:14 PM

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