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    I have a Andriod LG Sunset and the last 4-5 days i've been having issues with it. It started last week with Pokemon Go I suddenly had this issue where I would get a black loadig screen and couldn't get on. But since it's Pokemon Go I figured tht it was just another issue with servers or something.

    Then 2 ays ago Youtube started acting up. I woul go to get into the app and I would see the red home/search bar at the top but the contend wouldn't load, the loading symbol would ust keep going around and around. Restarting would fix it for a bit, but eventually when I was in a video and tried to go to another one the video wouldn't load.

    And This just started happening with Google Play too. I went to go into it (it was working fine yesterday) and It's just a white screen no loadig symbol, nothing.

    I've also noticed hat the passed couple of days my battery seems to be draining more quicky than usual. Not sure if it's related but worth mentioning. I didn't download any new apps in the past week or right before this started so i'm not sure what it is.

    Thanks in advance
    08-09-2016 06:43 PM

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