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    Long story short, my phone broke so I ordered a new one and transferred the SIM card from my old device to my new one. I installed Android Device Manger and it of course recognizes my old phone and my new one. When it searches for a device it automatically attempts to search for my broken phone, not my new one (there is a drop down menu that allows me to choose to search for my new phone). I've also noticed that when I activate ADM on my phone that when my old phone is selected it will allow me to Ring, Lock, and Erase my phone; however, when my new phone is selected it will only allow me to Ring my phone (this is not the case when searching for my phone through my laptop.)

    So, how do I change my primary device on ADM and how do I allow all features to work when using ADM on my phone? Thanks in advance .
    08-13-2016 11:06 AM

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