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    I bought a dual sim 2nd gen about a year back, not realising it only had half the storage of the 1st gen, so even with no photos and a few 'essential' apps added it was soon bursting at the seams and it got to the stage that there was not even room to update Chrome or Sophos.
    Last week, all of a sudden, there must have been some smaller updates and both Chrome and Sophos snuck their updates in, but it was still full.
    I then deleted Solo Launcher which I'd had more or less from day 1, and also ran and then deleted an app to confirm that the recently-announced vulnerability existed in my Qualcom chip-set. I also deleted and re-installed Google Keep as random notes were not updating.
    The current situation is that Keep will not launch properly, it just goes to an empty home page with the turning wheels [the notes are still there with iOS and OSX].
    Also the Home button does nothing unless I first minimise the current app. And although a PIN is set it now only operates on a boot, not from sleep which is a worry. Finally random public hotspots can't be accessed [it logs in at home and to some sites I am registered with, but not to wifi that needs a log in page every time you return.
    I took it to the Google place in Tottenham Court Road who had no suggestion other than a Safe re-boot [which did nothing other than turn data on and give me an unexpected bill!].
    Apparently all they offer is the 'Google Experience'!
    Does anyone out there know more than Google?!
    Cheers, Colin
    08-14-2016 11:39 AM

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