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    I am getting un-wanted annoying pop-up in my phone. It is like install Flipkart app, install Myntra App and all sort of non-sense. Let me explain how did I get there. I was trying to download an app called "TubeMate" from Playstore seems like using this app one can download youtube clips. Once installing was going on it requested installation of another app. xxxefi. It took device administration it seems. I knew I got trapped. Following it I am getting un-wanted pop-ups daily. If I try to uninstall "TubeMate" I can't find it. Reported as spam in playstore. Can someone suggest how to get rid of this nuisance? I am worried it can copy other phone data, my messages. I am kind of mad with Playstore also, how could they have some app like this listed in the store? I saw this app even today. Regards, -niranjan
    08-23-2016 12:51 PM
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    Hi, try removing all recent 3rd party apps that you have installed, see if this helps. If it doesn't then a factory reset will help remove the issue. Be sure to back up all your data before the update.

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    08-30-2016 03:45 AM

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