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    Does my experiences below show Android system is not secure?

    On Aug 2015, I purchased a new Samsung Tablet at a Staples store with last security update on June 2014. I made the assumption that Samsung and other leading manufactures would support their new tablets and phones with security updates for at least the warranty period. I was incorrect.

    I stopped using this tablet for security concerns and started investigating. Most new Android based hardware will never see a security patch update.

    The terminology is called fragmentation. Google does provide timely security updates and pushes these to the Android world. Unfortunately, the initial update only makes it to 1 or 2 percent of the Android devices leaving over a billion devices open to these threats.

    The Android system is completely open and modified and any pushes for security updates require the original hardware manufactures support, resources, and money to make it compatible with their specialized software. This means a pure Android Marshmallow from Google looks like a roll of toilet paper on a Samsung or LG Android tablet and any pushes from Google cannot go directly to this device.

    The average user does not realize that there device is not secure. This happens because they are never informed that their Android system is not being supported. In mature operating systems like Windows or IOS, the user is given warnings that either support for their system is ending or that they need critical updates. These warnings do not exist in the Android world.

    Please tell me if my observations are correct?
    08-30-2016 12:53 PM
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    The only way to fix this is for people to vote with their wallets. Buy devices that WILL be supported with quick security updates and are not encumbered by carrier certification. The only way for that to happen - buy Nexus or Google devices, or other devices that are getting updated in a timely manner. One downfall to this, you might lose carrier features such as WiFi calling or visual voicemail. Once the carriers and manufacturers see revenue streams drying up, they should change mindset. Nexus/Google devices are supported for at least 2 years for major OS updates and 3 years for security patching.

    Take the new Moto Z, that's getting an update with the JULY security patch date. In a week that will be TWO MONTHS OLD, on an update that's just being released to users/devices.
    08-30-2016 01:28 PM

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