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    Hi, new to Android here, but a week in and aside from a very few things iPhone did better, I feel I've taken a step in the right direction.

    But I have a problem. My wife is still on an iPhone, and while she's pretty sure she intends to make the jump, it'll be some time before her contract comes up and she can look at an upgrade.

    We need our calendars to sync. In as close to real time as is possible.
    We tried Google Calendar, first her iPhone didn't want to take my Google account, as it was a non-gmail account. So we made a new account with gmail specifically for the purpose, and signed into it on both phones.

    First of all none of the existing events synced. And they never did. No problem, we can recreate them.

    Except events created on my S7 Edge would appear on her iPhone after 5-20 minute waits, the time varied over multiple tests. Events created on the iPhone would only appear on my S7 sometimes, and never appear others, and would have waits upwards of ten minutes.

    So Google calendar appears to be out.

    We also tried the UpTo Calendar but weren't able to get any shared Calendars to Sync at all.

    So frankly i'm at a loss.

    We need a fast, reliable solution, that works both ways, and ideally allows editing of each other's events.

    So absolutely any suggestions, or even help with methods we've already attempted and ruled out, would be met with the utmost gratitude.

    09-01-2016 09:38 PM
  2. oligopoly's Avatar
    I take it from 248 views and no replies this is not possible? Did you find a solution? As daft as this may sound, the lack of calendar intergration with ios is putting me off jumping ship to android.
    01-18-2018 04:39 AM

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