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    Good afternoon; for a while now I've had issues with my storage since my automatic update 6 months ago. I've added a SD card to create more storage space which very little help. Little by little I've had to disable or delete apps because I kept running out of storage space.
    Now I'm losing pictures and contact information so again I disabled more apps and restart my phone.
    Now I'm left with a gray screen and a dead phone that I cannot turn on. I'm sure that all is lost on my phone. What can you do to help me out? If I purchase a replacement phone can I keep the same phone number and will I somehow be able to transfer whatever if any information that is available to a new replacement phone? I've had my phone for a year and 7 months now. Will warranty cover the replacement of this phone. Can I take the existing SIM card and SD card and place it in a new phone?


    Linda Benjamin
    [Email removed by moderator]
    09-18-2016 06:08 PM

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