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    I was recently hit by a car and my phone broke with the rest of my body. Anyway, I don't really care for the old S5 anymore I just want the files saved in its harddrive but the screen is inaccessible. My phone still turns on though but I'm not able to unlock due to my LCD displaying nothing and my digitizer not responding to my fingerprint unlock.

    I'm able to connect to my computer and my computer recognizes it but when I try to access it through my computer, it shows that the phone is empty (I'm assuming it's because I need to unlock it). Is there anyway to get around this? Like possibly using the physical buttons to access some sort of mode where I'm able to access files through my computer? I don't want to buy a new lcd and digitizer because I don't plan on keeping the phone anymore, any advice would be great.

    Thanks a plenty.
    09-23-2016 03:47 AM

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