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    I use onedrive for files, phone, and photo backup, outlook email, and outlook calendar. Im on a surface pro 4 and use a Lumia 950. Ive purchased apps.

    But now msft is saying that they are shifting focuse on mobile away from consumers and to the business world for a few years, so my thoughts are looking at android (though begrudgingly). What is it like making the move? Whats it like being on android while using windows services? Let me know, yall.
    09-29-2016 07:20 PM
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    Not that I know much about One Drive or Office 365 (or that sort of thing), but I can say that these apps can make Android-Windows integration somewhat smooth sailing:

    - Use dropbox on both your phone and Windows; dropbox will work just like any folder in Windows, and is fast to start. There's also good automatic synching available to upload your photos to dropbox.
    - I use an app called FolderSync to do finely tuned synching between my Windows computer, dropbox, and my phone.
    - The outlook app works well on Android and is easy to set up
    - Evernote is a great cloud app for note taking and works well on Windows
    09-29-2016 09:12 PM
  3. Ten Four's Avatar
    I made the switch in June from a Lumia to a Nexus 5x. There is really no problem at all--all the Microsoft stuff works better on Android than it did on W10; however, I also made the switch to using Gmail as my primary email account and also Google Drive and Google Photos. I ran some tests of photos that I took with my phone to see what the quality implications were with photos uploaded to Photos and then downloaded. There is a dramatic difference in file size, but Googles clever algorithms maintain the quality of the image--at least to the naked eye, even with big blow ups. Google Photos also syncs faster than One Drive, so I find photos take with my phone are almost instantly available. Speed and smooth operation of things in Google Drive is far superior to doing anything in One Drive, which is just painful if trying to edit a document online. I do use the Outlook app for my work email, contacts, and calendar and it works generally well.
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    09-30-2016 09:44 AM

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