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Is it possible to make an Android USB "stick" that sends its output to a Windows OS?


AC Question

This is a weird question to ask, but does anyone know if it would be possible to do this? Basically what I want to do is this...
Get/make and Android powered "stick" with its own internal hardware (cpu wifi bluetooth etc). Then write some sort of Windows/Linux/Mac program that will allow the stick to boot into Android and send its graphic output through USB to the computer, which can display it on the screen of the computer at any resolution. This is not using the computer to render the image, the stick will do that, the program will simply display it in a window so that you can simply use the stick on any computer and have all your files and apps and more on any computer. The .exe/.dmg/whatever will sit in the internal storage of the device, which is accessible via USB while it is powered off like a USB flash drive. The program you run will enable the functionality without needing to install anything in the computer. So my question is, is this possible, and if it is can anyone help me make it come true?