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    Hi! I have a Samsung Galaxy S3. I was on my way to Church this evening, so I switched over to airplane mode. We were borrowing my brother's car, and the driver needed to ask him a question, so I selected to call my brother on my phone, forgetting I was in airplane mode. My phone offered to turn off the airplane mode so that I could make the call, and so I said selected "ok". It didn't work! The audio input and output no longer work. When I make a call, the "speaker" is grayed out as well as the "headset". Other apps do not have sound either. My bluetooth is off, and I have tried restarting multiple times as well as turning airplane mode off and on. I can plug in headphones and hear the audio, but I do not have a way to speak through the phone.

    Any help is appreciated! Peace!
    10-01-2016 09:02 PM

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