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    Note 7 - I am an international Samsung customer who purchase a Note7 in Singapore. i am currently in Brasil and cannot fly with the phone. Samsung cannot tell me what to do, I will try to gain a refund with photo, IMEI and boarding pass on my Retuen to Singapore in December, but this is 6 weeks away.
    Samsung seem to have little respect or idea that there phones are also purcharsed by the traveling public.
    This is my 5th Samsung, the Note 7 is the best yet, and is the coolest, when on charge, (I mean cold) samsung I have ever owned.
    A month of ownership, second gen 7 and I dont want to give back or get a refund, but Samsungs inability to deal with purchasers like myself, make me want to keep the phone.
    11-01-2016 08:13 PM

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