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    I am able to pair the device with my 2015 Chevy Colorado bluetooth but shortly after it starts bringing in old text message after old text message, even if all have been previously deleted, rendering the bluetooth useless. Is there a fix in sight? I am back to using a headset.
    11-10-2016 07:07 AM
  2. NOLATechy's Avatar
    This is a common issue with the Pixel line. I'm sorry to say I am having to return my Google Pixel 2 XL! I've had an issue with the original Pixel XL for months trying to get it to stay connected to my Honda Accord. I've sent in bug reports to Google's Tier 3 tech support to help them find the fix. To date, no fix, so I decided to try the Pixel 2 XL (different manufacturer) in hopes it would work. NOPE! Same exact Bluetooth connection issue with the Pixel 2 XL as with the original Pixel XL. I've tried two other phones on my car and they connect with no issue at all and stay connected. Hell, my Windows Phone even alerts me there is an incoming text message and asks me if I want it to read it to me, then asks me if I want to reply. And yet, Google can't even get the phones to stay connected to the car!? This, plus the blue screen tint, plus the popping noise when on a phone call on speakerphone. I've had it! I'm returning the phone and getting a Samsung Note 8! If you drive a Honda, I highly recommend you do the same! Google really needs to get their stuff together! This Pixel release is a complete DISASTER!
    11-01-2017 06:02 PM

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