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    Hello. I'm using a GPD XD running Android 4.4.4. This device is used mostly for video game emulation. It came preloaded with some default emulators, but I replaced them with emulators of my preference from the Google Play store. One such emulator is Snes9x EX+, and it reads .sfc files. Now, I can lauch the ROMs from Snes9x EX+, or from another frontend app that I've tried. However, what I cannot do, and what I would like to do, is set a shortcut to the .sfc file on my home screen, and have it launch with Snes9x EX+ by default.

    What I'm essentially trying to do is make this device navigable through pages of video game box art icons that launch with the emulators of my specification. Unfortunately, I cannot find anything in settings that will allow me to change a default app by file extension, nor can I find another file explorer app that provides that function. This wouldn't be a problem if I knew what the default SNES emulator is, but I cannot find it in the app list to clear its defaults. As it is, when I try to launch .sfc shortcuts from the home screen, it fails to launch by going to a black screen for a couple of seconds, then returning to the home screen.

    I apologize for the long question. If you need me to clarify anything, let me know. And thanks in advance for any help you can offer.
    11-24-2016 06:23 AM
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    Install Default App Manager. That will take you to the default app's entry in Application Manager, where you'll find (scroll down) "Clear Defaults". Tap that nutton and there won't be any default app for that file type.

    Then try to launch the .sfc shortcut and it'll ask which app you want to use and if you want it only once or always. Choose always and that will be the default app for that file type (until the next time y9ou clear defaults for that app).
    11-24-2016 02:32 PM

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