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    Hi, I started getting an error message "Failed to change the settings. Try again" when attempting to print an email in either the stock client or Yahoo mail client. This issue started I believe back in November 2016. It occurs with my Tab 10 and S4, and on/off with my S7. This problem ONLY occurs with email, printing a web page works fine.

    The S7, I can go to the stock email client click print and it prints. However, if I go back and ask it to print the same email again the error message appears. It gets better, if I switch to the Yahoo mail and ask to print it works and then same scenario as described. FYI, I have tried ALL of the attempted fixes posted on this issue and like most, no resolution.

    TAB 10 or S4:
    What I noticed when I attempt to print on either the Tab 10 or S4 is that it loads the print QUE, yellow ball in the upper right and an empty white page, no email text in it.

    Is there a way of reaching out to a level II or higher Samsung representative for assistance or even hear that they are aware and working to resolve?
    12-11-2016 02:14 PM