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    First the malware malfunctioning started off around a month ago(I've used the phone for a year without any problem). At first it's just some annoying pop ups that I got to close every once in a while but not that bad. But as the day progress, it started to install some application I can't uninstall from normal means.
    That's how I come to Kingroot. I rooted my device(I don't know if it's bad move or not) and able to delete the malware detected by malwarebytes because malwarebytes cannot uninstall the files.

    And things got better for another 2 weeks.
    But yesterday for some reason, the weird application previously installed are re-installed again. I've unchecked the unknown source box in the settings. And it happened continuously for a bunch of apps.

    Frustrated, I sadly do some factory reset because even somehow my SD card is damaged in the phone(check it with another phone and the SD card have no problem). And it just got even more ****ed up.

    Long story short these are the things I've done so far to fight the malware
    1. Installed kaspersky, AVG (none detected the malware)
    2. Installed Malwarebytes (detected several, but cannot remove anything)
    3. Installed Kingroot (this is where things got better for a while because I can remove all the bloatware and expected malware)
    4. Format my SD Card (in case the malware from there)
    5. Do a factory reset (3 times already actually and the malware is still strong)
    6. Entering safe mode (my wifi keeps being turned on even when I have use airplane mode and the pop ups still appear and bunch of apps still get downloaded)
    7. Changed email log in in the phone (still the problem exist, used the same email on other phone but no problem happened)
    So this is the list of all the things I've done.

    My phone is a local phone(I think chinese phone)
    Model Number: Evercoss-A75L
    Android Version: 4.4.2

    And the list of the apps currently installed
    Compass Lite
    Fast Battery
    Fast Transmission
    Float Bar
    Google App
    Google Emails
    Google Map Process
    Google Play Services
    Google Play Store
    local alarm
    mango browser
    music playe not same icon as usual one
    popstar insane pop
    speed rocket
    system update
    System Update (with weird android icon)
    System Web
    toBe (with weird youtube like youporn icon)
    UC news
    wi-fi auto connect
    xboy Wallpaper

    As much as I want to show the screenshot. It keeps telling me that the screenshot cannot be taken for some reason.
    I really like that phone and I just don't feel like changing to another phone when I just used it for a year.
    Sorry if the post is long and I will definitely try to answer your questions regarding my phone. As for now because I am totally defeated. I am turning off my phone because my phone keeps restarting when I try to uninstall the weird apps.

    So please help me to fix my phone
    12-18-2016 12:03 PM
  2. Maiselff's Avatar

    Kingroot access web.

    All that i learned untill today, is:

    If i have an app that gains root, that app will never access the web for nothing.

    Sure is kingroot installing apps in second stage silently, only just because it's accessing their servers.

    You need to put in a firewall the kingroot, and the kinguser app

    Firewall blocks internet per app.
    12-18-2016 12:46 PM
  3. Rukbat's Avatar
    Kingroot installs one file that's not needed - but as an app, not as a system file, so you can just uninstall it. (Even the app's name is in Chinese, so I have no idea what it's called - but unless your phone is set to Chinese, look for an app with Chinese characters for a name and uninstall it.

    Rooting will allow you to uninstall system files, but it has no effect on malware ... unless the malware was installed as a system app, and you know which one it was.

    With Kaspersky and MalwareBytes not getting rid of the malware, if it were my phone I'd reflash the stock ROM. That should get rid of anything other than the files in the ROM, which have no malware. (And don't back up you apps - one of them could be infected, and restoring it would restore the malware - just make a list of them so you can install them from the Play store once you've reflashed the ROM. Sorry, but you'll lose your data.)
    12-18-2016 02:41 PM
  4. Mininyaa's Avatar
    Thanks! Flashing the phone works!!
    Now I don't have the problem(s) anymore
    12-20-2016 03:42 AM
  5. Maiselff's Avatar
    Thanks! Flashing the phone works!!
    Now I don't have the problem(s) anymore
    Don't forget to put all that ar root apps that "needs internet" in a root firewall, or you will have problems again.
    12-20-2016 07:57 AM

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