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    I've recently bought a game controller (Esperanza eg102 to be exact). Connected to PC using x360ce and everything works perfectly, i can assign any button to do any action, but when i plug this gamepad to my android phone (Galaxy Note 5 no root) through USB OTG - that's a different story. First of all, i downloaded gamepad tester application and tested all the buttons if they work and the answer is yes, every button on the controller shows me it's specific number when pressed, axes etc.: it shows that everything is recognised. But here comes the problem, when i open up any game (in this case i tested out Dead Trigger, Dead Trigger 2 and Riptide GP 2) i go to controls and gamepad settings, most of the games ask me to assign the gamepad controls by myself. Well, that seems easy, but for example like every console game has "shoot" assigned to the right trigger, when i press right trigger it just won't work, i can assign to "shoot" anything from the D-pad for example but not the right trigger. After a few minutes of testing i found out that these buttons don't work and can't be recognised by a game:

    Left Trigger
    Right Trigger
    Right Button (but the left one somehow works, whaat?)
    Right and Left stick buttons (pushing them in won't be recognised either)

    Just tested GTA San Andreas --> not working the same buttons as above + ABXY pad is also unrecognised :|

    Is there something like x360ce but for android?

    Any help is very appreciated.
    01-01-2017 08:45 AM

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