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    Bought a sprint s7 edge off of a person online. Met up with them and checked to make sure phone works. After getting home I decided to do a factory reset from the phone settings. Now phone restarts after abou 1.5mins. I cant get past the WELCOME SETTING DEVICE UP FOR FIRST TIME USE beforee phone shuts down and repeats the process all over again. I tried using odian and flashing my exact build but it keeps failing! Someone please help

    Udate** I tried 3 different USB cables 2 of them when I plus in says phone added and still doesn't work. It seems like Odian starts goes to boot and then says fail at the top left corner. Also someone was helping me theres no way to reply to him/her? Any way I can skype someone so I can use screen share so they can see what I'm talking about?
    01-01-2017 02:44 PM
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    I recommend registering as a member so that you can continue to post in your original thread, here:
    Unroot S7 Edge Sprint - #mTalk http://forums.androidcentral.com/sho...d.php?t=758420

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    01-01-2017 02:58 PM
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    Try samsung smartswitch.
    01-01-2017 03:19 PM

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