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    So, the other day FB updated and then it was just gone. This happened once before and I was able to fix it but now nothing seems to work, if I try from the play store I always get code 504. And everything associated with that, clearing cache and data, reseting stuff etc ive tried. Factory reset my tablet cause I figured it wouldn't hurt and would be good for it.
    Still a no go, I have tried APK files both new versions and a couple old ones and it just shows the installing screen for a while and then it stay FB was not installed.

    Its a Galaxy TAB 4 and I made sure everything was up to date before I tried installing from the store and APK files. Everything else works, no other apps Ive reinstalled have had a single issue. FB lite wont work either. Im not sure what to do, or what else I can try. I also undid my gmail a couple times. Ive tried everything I could fine multiple times to get this to work.

    Please help, if there is something I missed or something else I can try to do???
    01-09-2017 12:10 PM

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