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    I noticed a month after performing the latest update to marshmallow on my rooted note 4 my wi-fi toggle switch wasswitching constantly bsck snd forth. It was trying to connect even though wi-fi was disconnected it couldn't. I did what I hated most of all a full system restore after not being able to find any help on line.

    Great problem solved. Then a month later it came back the exact same issue. Again I restored the handset. Then another month later it came back again this was yesterday. I have looked again online but still no mention of this issue.

    This time I did not want to have to factory restore for a third time so it was going to be checking every app as it is an app that was obviously causing the issue somewhere.

    I started with the obvious, app permissions and firstly went into google play service's, and turned off body sensors as this was something I had not come across before. And to my surprise it fixed the issue. But now email needs the body sensor to be accessible to send email. So now I'm constantly having to disable and enable the body sensor is there a fix ad I'm getting a liitle hacked off with it now.
    01-09-2017 04:35 PM

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