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    Reading up on this phone as I'm going to jump ship from the iPhone6s to either the Galaxy S7 or S8 or the Pixel. Couple questions I have from reading through this forum....

    Icon badges (not sure what they are called), you know that small number that appears on an app like mail or messenger the indicates you have new unread messages, I read in another thread this phone doesn't have that. Is that true?

    I've seen the Google icon at the top left can be changed from a slider type icon to a button type icon, but can it be completely removed?

    How about the weather app at the top right, can that be moved, changed, or deleted?

    Fingerprint scanner additional functionality - does it do more than just unlock?
    01-31-2017 06:42 PM
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    Icon badges - correct, you need a 3rd-party launcher. A popular one is Nova, which then also needs the TeslaUnread plugin or add-on.

    Google icon/button - Going to Nova Launcher would resolve this.

    The weather app is likely just a widget that can be moved, resized or removed (I don't have a Pixel). When you install and run Nova for the first time I believe it will ask you to either import your current setup as best it can or allow you to start from blank.

    Fingerprint scanner - How to use Move shortcuts on the Google Pixel | Android Central

    Feel free to join us if you have further questions.
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    01-31-2017 07:11 PM

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