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    My mother is relatively new to smart phone and tablet technology and I'd really like to provide her support on various apps and websites to show her how to use them. She's always been hesitant to click certain buttons and links because she's concerned about making a mistake. I'd really like to step through these with her so she can utilize more functionality and become more confident in using her devices. I've tried this in person, but it requires a lot of patience and I have limited opportunities to do so because I live in another state and this is hard to do over the phone and not much easier in person.

    I am curious if there is an app or software package available for individual use (not corporate licenses with a hefty price tag) that can be used to remote into an android device (likely a Samsung tablet) from either another android device (Galaxy Tab Pro) or a PC. I'm willing to pay some money for a service, but can't justify a heavy price tag meant more for corporations. Even a screenshare application would be beneficial, but I would prefer to remote in.

    Thanks in advance!
    02-10-2017 10:58 AM

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