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    Hello Friends,

    We are developing an Android restaurant based application. We are trying to achieve this below feature for a longer period of time. Still no luck. Need your help guys to crack this.

    Read the below scenario:

    1. User install the restaurant based application in his device
    2. Place the orders meaning the list of foods they like in to the cart
    3. Request for bill
    4. The admin click on the "Print" option and handover it to the User.
    5. User again order couple of more items
    6. When the admin trying to take the print it displays the whole order the user was placed i.e from the beginning.
    7. We need to display the latest orders only in the print out when the user was trying to take the print out. i.e the couple of items he ordered again only

    Looking forward to your response and queries if any.
    02-17-2017 11:33 PM
  2. ManiacJoe's Avatar
    This would be best asked in the developers forum.

    If the two new items are part of the same order, then one would expect the print to contain all the items in the updated order, not just the update.

    If the two new items are a separate order, then the orders are not being properly managed in memory.
    02-18-2017 12:57 AM

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