1. AC Question's Avatar
    I was thinking of buying a Moto E2 (the LTE version) to use as a back-up phone. I would like to be able to use band 12 and I know that, in the US, the OTA update to android 5.1 disables support for band 12. I was wondering whether I could simply get the update the next time I am in England (I'm there often). Would the UK update maybe not disable band 12. Any thoughts?
    02-21-2017 08:27 PM
  2. AC Question's Avatar
    Is it possible to set up the Moto E2015 so that it does not install ANY Android updates at all? I might want to prevent the installation of 5.1 to avoid disabling band 12 but I don't know if Android allows one to reject absolutely all updates?
    02-22-2017 12:34 AM
  3. Tim1954's Avatar
    Turn off auto updates on settings.
    02-22-2017 06:20 AM
  4. belodion's Avatar
    [Threads merged.]
    02-22-2017 06:34 AM
  5. slamtry's Avatar
    So turning off auto updates prevents absolutely all updates? Any other confirmation on this?
    02-22-2017 10:21 AM
  6. ManiacJoe's Avatar
    Turning off the auto-updates of the OS will prevent the phone from automatically updating the OS. Instead, you get a message prompting you to manually do the update, which you can then accept or decline.

    In the Google Play Store settings, you can turn off the auto-updates of apps, so that you are prompted to manually do the updates, which you can then ignore.
    02-22-2017 05:22 PM

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