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    I have Tmobile family plan, so we are 6 people and I am paying 23x2=$46/month (me and wife)

    This has unlimited internet of which only 2.5GB is LTE and then it goes down to 3G.
    Home internet is some local company which I hate because it charges $85/month for 25MB/s

    Last week, for trial purposes I shut down the home router and relied only on cellphone tethering. It worked perfectly.

    But when I went over the 2.5GB limit, it slowed down but it was not uncomfortable.

    The only problem I had was my cellphone which is HTC ONE M7, got really hot because it was tethering watching a movie on Samsung pad.

    If I get rid of my internet and rely on cellphone internet tethering, can the cellphone stand that? Does this set up make sense, anyone else tried this?

    Trying to save $85/month here, we only have Comcast as a competitor and it is not cheaper
    03-10-2017 03:05 PM
  2. Tim1954's Avatar
    It should work in theory, depends on what you are doing. Sounds like it's making the HTC work fairly hard..
    I have a mate who does that with an old S5! If you're not streaming long stuff like moves, you should be fine
    03-10-2017 10:42 PM

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