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Huge Bug. Cant do anything on phone, keeps going to home screen. Looked all over internet. Help

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I have a Xiaomi Redmi9. It was working great until this morning. For the whole day I cant do anything with the phone.
When I unlock it and it gets to the home screen, done of the apps I click open. If I switch the screen to see any other apps it automatically goes back to the initial screen and if I bring the options menu down (with the wifi, mobile data, location, airplane mode etc), it also pushes it back up as soon as I stop touching the screen. So whatever I do is not performed by the cellphone and it automatically goes back to the initial home screen.
I tried to reboot it many times, pressuring the initiate and volume down and up. I tested it without the sim cards. But still not working. I also made it run out of battery and charged again - again didn't work.
I have a lot to important data in the cellphone that I would need to save in my computer if I needed to clear all the data. But if I connect the cellphone to the computer I cant find it to get any of the documents...

Another interesting aspect is that while in the locked screen I can bring the menu options down and start or stop any of the options there (mobile, wifi, flashlight...). But when I unlock the phone that doesn't work...

Please, somebody help me =p