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    Dear Android central and forum members,

    My name is Pantazis Houlis, I am Greek, and I live on the Greek island of Kastellorizo.
    I need to let you know of a serious issue which is creating huge problems to our island,
    especially in the production of tourist items (some have to be re-ordered after we correct
    the producers for spelling it wrongly - usually by copying what they see on their phones).
    The language spelling checker and translator on all android/Samsung phones, provides a wrong
    spelling in both English and Greek language for our island.

    More specifically, it gives the wrong name "Kastelorizo" in English, and "Καστελόριζο" in Greek,
    when the correct name is "Kastellorizo" in English and "Καστελλόριζο" in Greek".

    This is backed up by every single book and historians. But today, many mobile phones use
    the wrong spelling, and we at the island are desperate, and we do not know how to stop this.
    Please help us change the name of the island back to its original name, as the damage is already
    too big. Is there anyone who can correct this? Or is there anyone who can help us correct this?

    Please note, that most English and Greek dictionaries have it correct, except a couple. This effort,
    to change the name to its correct form is backed by the municipality of Kastellorizo.


    PS. I use a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge mobile phone.
    03-28-2017 05:40 PM
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    Please keep in mind this is just an Android help forum, and not in any way an officially sanctioned site by Android development nor by Google itself, so your post while passionate and engaging is only being viewed by enthusiasts, hobbyists, and common consumers.
    What you're asking for sounds like an issue that affects Google's spell-check and/or autocomplete, something that would initially need to be verified by Google's fact-checking department and then its legal department. As it does sound like you've got some very solid documentation to back your plea, you might want to ask a local government official to contact Google directly to get this matter corrected.


    8 Ways to Contact Google - wikiHow

    Good luck and I hope this all works out well!
    03-28-2017 08:49 PM

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