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    Yesterday i moved some pictures to new separate folders and had them named using a picture app called Quickpic, and for some reason i renamed the MAIN DOWNLOADS FOLDER. (mainly for downloaded browsers like firefox and chrome) after i while i deleted the folders and downloaded some new ones, i thought the downloads folder would still work after downloading another picture but that wasn't the case, now NO FILES WHAT SO EVER download as if the file was corrupted.

    However i used the factory browser that came with the version of android. (6.0 fyi.) And files still download fine. But any other browser app that uses the download file i renamed doesn't.

    I tried clearing the cache of the downloads and download manger apks, deleting the browser apps i had, turning off the tablet and on again, the whole 9 yards, and i'm afraid ill have to do a factory reset of my tablet to make it work again. If there is any possible way to fix this, please comment asap.
    04-03-2017 01:43 PM

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