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    To zte phone
    04-07-2017 12:39 PM
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    Adobe abandoned its support for Flash on all mobile devices back in 2011 so there is no current, up-to-date Flash plugin for any Android browser. There are still old, most definitely not secure Flash plugin APKs out there that you need to side-load to install but NOTE THEY ARE NOT SAFE and significantly make your Android device less secure.
    You can install a browser like Puffin that allow you to view Flash content on your phone -- Puffin does not rely on a Flash plugin in the app itself but rather has online servers that do, so when you're using Puffin to view a site with Flash content it's being redirected through their servers. There are other browsers that you can install that also specifically feature the ability to view Flash, but take Dolphin for instance. Dolphin does rely on a Flash plugin, but note that it's not a current version of Flash. It's important to note the even the desktop versions of Flash are now considered to be a security risk.
    Adobe has done a poor job at maintaining Flash in any platform, use it very, very judiciously.

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    04-07-2017 01:31 PM
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    Great explanation by @smvim!
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    04-07-2017 01:43 PM

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