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    I am looking for a way to define a certain number as 'priority' such that all calls and text messages from that number *WILL* play a predefined notification at a predefined volume, regardless of what the phone's other volume settings are. While I know about 'Priority Mode' it seems to be backward from what I want.

    The point of setting a priority contact is the peace of mind knowing that, as long as your phone is on and registered to the network, you WILL hear a notification from that contact.

    Examples: A parent may want to set their college kid's number as priority, so they know they will be alerted to texts despite their spouse turning down the volume after they passed out in bed during a netflix binge. 'Sorry I couldn't pick you up from that party with the creepy guys, my ringer was muted.'

    An on-call technician may want to set texts from their network monitoring system as priority, so they KNOW pages won't be missed because they forgot to confirm their volume settings before going to sleep. 'Sorry I missed all those pages, I must've leaned on my phone and turned down the volume.'

    A professional may want to set their biggest client's CEO as priority, so they know if they are trying to get in touch. 'Sorry I couldn't get you those last-minute updated numbers for your AGM, I was taking a nap.'

    For now I've set up a Tasker job that sets the volume of both notification and ringtone (why does 'ringtone' act like a master for 'notification volume'?) when a text/call is received from a given contact, but it would be nice if there was something a little more polished.
    04-12-2017 10:04 AM

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