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    So, me and my wife likes to keep in touch when we reach our destinations by car (since we both have been in accidents).

    By making life easier we installed a GPS tracking app (Familonet) so we didnt feel the need to check in with each other all the time. Familonet uses google maps and we are both android users.

    The strange thing is that her GPS keeps jumping to an adress in the town we live in.
    I have read about people having this problem with GPS jumping to their old adress after they move out. But the thing here is that she's never lived there.

    It jumps to the same adress for a few seconds (sometimes minutes) before it jumps back to where she actually is. And it's always the same adress.

    How can this be fixed and why does it do this? My end works fine.
    05-16-2017 12:42 PM

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