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    First off Step 1 - Your question would not allow me to type in it. My question is about the Google search window permanently on my main screen....Moto G 3rd Gen. Up until about a week ago, I touch the white area and my keyboard appears so I can type in my search. Lately when I tap on the bar, the keyboard appears, then abruptly disappears and then reappears...sometimes I can start typing before it vanishes then reappears. I thought I found the right forum chain about this problem but that had to do with some HOME BUTTON. I just have a touch screen without some physical button on the face of the phone like so many other phones I've seen. I've tried disabling Google Launcher, and I read something about disabling Chrome but none of that has worked. I've cleared the phone's cache and I've cleared the memory of Google, Google Now Launcher, Google Play Services, Google Play Store and Google+. Nothing has stopped this from happening. Anybody else get the double loading keyboard when using the google bar at the top of your screen?
    05-17-2017 08:43 PM

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