1. AC Question's Avatar
    I have an Android Maxx, I have several contacts that I send/receive texts and there is one of my contacts that recently started showing an the error only when I send. I can receive texts, but not send from this person....all other contacts work fine as best I can tell. The contact is using an Android device as well, this problem started about two weeks ago.
    06-09-2017 12:44 PM
  2. Mr Mendelli's Avatar
    Are you using special or unicode characters in your texts?
    06-09-2017 01:27 PM
  3. anon(238680)'s Avatar
    Welcome to the forum. In addition to that question above, are you sure the person did not accidentally block your texts? Might have them check if you have another means of contact. The only solution I found for Error 96 involves actions that I'm not going to post, but there are quite a few instances of that error reported.

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    06-09-2017 01:34 PM
  4. lovestosail's Avatar
    My situation is similar to AC Question, above. Moto G phone. I can text most contacts, but not one in particular. I can receive from him, but not reply or send. I get error message 96 encoding problem.
    08-05-2017 01:42 PM
  5. Lojodave's Avatar
    I have the same issue. I went to my local Verizon store and they were unable to resolve. They told me it was issue with the other person's phone. The other individual and I reset his phone, checked be sure I was not blocked and update his app. Still not working. He can send me messages and I receive them, however I cannot reply without the error 96: Encoding problem message.
    09-25-2017 11:57 AM
  6. bluemoon99's Avatar
    My wife is having this error 96 problem with her Moto G5 Plus. All of a sudden she is getting this error when sending SMS messages to two specific contacts. I have the exact same phone (bought and put into service the same day). I can send SMS messages to these same two contacts without a problem. Please help!
    12-04-2017 07:59 AM
  7. terrehautelua's Avatar
    I have the same problem, I can receive msg. but I can't sent them, first was just to one of the contacts (my husband) now it's doing the same thing to another of my contacts
    12-20-2017 01:14 PM
  8. lynn s1's Avatar
    Same problem here 1st 1 contact. I fixed that problem by deleting an open group message that contact sent, I deleted any open regular text messages from this contact, & I deleted the contact from my contact list also. Then I set her back up under my sister instead of her name. Then I texted her & it worked. The weird thing was even though I added her as my sister, her real name shows up at the top of text message.
    So now, it's happening to another contact. It happened with the newest contact right after I tried to group message him.
    So it has something to do with group messaging but this is new ! It's never before happened and I've been using this phone for 2 years.
    11-13-2018 06:32 PM

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