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    I just got the Samsung S8 and I love It! After transferring all my apps/info etc from my previous Droid Turbo phone, I spent time updating my settings.
    I set my DND to come on every night at 11:30pm, however it enables every night at 9pm. I'm having to go in and de-select the "Turn On Now" every night, meanwhile the "Turn on as Scheduled" is always selected.
    At 11:30pm the DND comes on as scheduled.
    I read somewhere that the Google Clock app may have settings left over from my previous phone and may be impacting. I've removed that app, but this problem is still happening.
    Could it be from settings from my Droid Turbo that got transferred to this phone? If so, how can I remove? I'm open to anything and everything!
    06-16-2017 11:28 PM

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