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    by default audio profiles have settings where in you can customize VOLUME according to surroundings. i.e : when your in a noisy location you set the VOLUME to the max level.

    however there is no option to :
    create an audio profile + set a loud ringtone for a contact.

    ie: choose an audio profile with max VOLUME.lets call that profile concert AND at same time customize the ringtone/notification for adam ie: siren ringtone

    set the audio profile to meeting.
    phone now has a low volume setting PLUS adam now has a melow sound audio notification/association (beep once ringtone)

    setting a volume to max just wont help,a loud ringtone + max volume should do the trick,but its a hassle switching back and fourth.

    is there a way to accomplish that?
    im running out of keywords for google.
    07-09-2017 05:56 AM

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